Our Mission

Restoration Farm is a family-owned farm located along the Green River in the beautiful foothills of Polk County, North Carolina.  We raise free-range chicken and turkey as well as farm-fresh vegetables.  We also sell all-natural washing detergent, available for purchase through our online store.

Restoration Farm’s mission is to educate the public about heritage and self-sustainability.  Did you know if a “catastrophic event” hampered the nation’s transportation system, New York City would run out of food in three days?  Three days!!  Our mission is to educate people how to sustain their own food supply using the methods our grandparents and great-parents used.  This heritage-based process was invented before mass-transportation, before big-box grocery stores and before electricity!  Which means these techniques can be used to feed your family without these modern-day luxuries, saving you money and cutting your dependency on stores for your food supply.

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